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Bottlers should be considered for a long time
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Glass bottles in recent years, under the prompting of the wave of plasticizer, to present the rise trend, glass bottle packing in recent years in some of the more high-end products are very popular by the food and drug packaging area, such as some high-end mineral water, beverage, food and other fields are made of glass packaging, this makes the glass bottle packing orders have increased by leaps and bounds. But the bottle manufacturer still should see clearly the market actively, the analysis form, along with the form and move, ability will swim in the future development with ease.
With the development of the high-end food market, many bottle manufacturers have indeed brought a lot of orders. So many glass manufacturers have put all the energy used to cope with market existing orders, not strategize for the prospects about the idea of mood, we see, the be fond of, after all, the market for glass bottles, not glass bottle packaging improved its own drawbacks, not glass bottles in innovation has made the more gratifying achievements, but the high-end packaging market demand for packaging excellent turn, we will analyze the glass itself exists many problems, such as heavy, not broken, the cost is higher defect, which for the current packaging market, these weaknesses are fatal, Therefore, bottle packaging manufacturers should improve from the nature of the product itself, which is the key to sustainable development in sales in the future!
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