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What is the effect of glass mould remover on the quality of glass bottle
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Glass bottle (or molten glass water) in the mold when the fire, temperature control, glass demoulder temperature resistance, isolation, lubricity, demoulding effect and so on are crucial. A new generation of production JONYE brand from Taiwan glass mold release agent, from abroad at present, the use of the domestic situation can completely solve the, eliminated the past we use all kinds of technical performance of uneven phenomenon: for example, the adhesion force is not strong, easy to fall off, use time is not long, lubricity, prone to pitting, bubbles, even caking mould etc. Bad phenomenon. New JONYE glass mold release agents, resistance to high temperature of 1200 ° C, the lubrication performance is superior, water-based, non-toxic, non-polluting, high environmental protection, has excellent film-forming adhesion force, and with molten metal (such as aluminum, copper, steel, etc.) or glass does not have any reaction, paddle retains lubrication at high temperature, mold, oxidation resistance, resistance to sticky special effects, and can be used repeatedly accumulated for a long time, save costs. Is now widely used in all kinds of glass bottles, glass, glass basin, glass fruit bowl, plate glass, glass pot, automobile rearview mirror glass, automotive glass lampshade, lamp decoration pieces and bending glass, hot bending, deep turn, hot melt, embossing, burn of casting, casting and a high temperature lubrication from the mould process. Spray this product can make contact with the die surface to prevent corrosion, increase the service life of the mold. Its unique lubricity, not sticky and much higher than the similar products, can make the transparent after molding, products, bright and clean, more upscale, especially applied to the high difficulty of curved, abnormity, hot melt, clear light, such as bending glass processing, its effect is significant. At the same time, it can also be used to produce glass lubrication isolator, high temperature protective agent, parting agent, antioxidant, high temperature resistant anti-oxidation coating, dry lubrication interface and corrosion resistant interface. Make the product more perfect and immaculate, improve the product quality.

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