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How does the content of iron in quartz sand affect the glass bottle
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The influence of iron content in glass bottles of British sand is particularly important. The iron content standard of quartz sand is: F203 "0.08, 0.07, 0.05, 0.035, 0.02>>, 80PPM (80 meshes), 70PPM (70 meshes), the lower the iron content, the better the brightness of glass bottles
Iron oxides are often found in glass materials. It has a bad effect on the production of glass. In particular, glassware products with clear materials, if the iron content in the materials exceeds the requirements, the transparency of glass will be reduced, glass products will be yellow-green. Quartz sand in glass mating materials not only contains high iron content, but also has the largest dosage. Therefore, when glass products have higher requirements, besides quartz sand with small iron content in the selection and purchase, it is necessary to remove iron from mating materials. It is possible to mix some foreign iron impurities in the preparation of the mating materials, such as the iron, equipment parts, nails, screws and other iron that fell into the mating materials due to the wear of the equipment, and the iron brought into the mating materials due to improper handling of broken glass. Therefore, it is better to install some permanent magnets or electromagnets on the screen to remove the iron mixed in the mixing process. This measure has a good effect on removing iron in production and improves the transparency of glass products.

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